Egg hunting isn’t just the best part about Easter. It’s also the perfect occasion to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy a basketful of delightful cookies and treats. There’s also just some kind of radiant joy that comes from preparing colorful and beautifully-crafted Easter-themed designs on whatever cookie dough you have.   

You’ll truly have an Egg-citing time (pun intended) when you create any of these 60+ delectable Easter cookie recipes we rounded up for you in this inspirational season. 

Find them all in the following:

※ Bunny Sugar Cookies 
※ Cookie Dough Pops 
※ 3-Ingredient Hazelnut Cookies 
※ Carrot Cake Cookies
※ Easy Vanilla Sugar Cookies 
※ Soft and Chewy M&Ms Cookies
※ Lemon Curd Egg Cookies
※ Pistachio-Rose Shortbread Squares
※ Best-Ever Macaroons
※ Easter Egg Cookies
※ Egg Sprinkle Cookies
※ Bunny Cookies 
※ Carnation Lemon Bars
※ Butter Cookies
※ Spring Garden Cookies
※ Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies 
※ Easter Egg Cookie
※ Black Bottom Brownie Cookies 
※ Perfect Hamantaschen 
※ Egg Puzzle Cookie
※ Candy Cottontail Bunny Cookies 
※ Pecan Crescent Cookies 
※ All-in-One Sugar Cookie Dough
※ Cookie Dough Easter Eggs
※ Sunny Side Up Meringues 
※ Italian Easter Cookies/Uncinetti
※ Marbled Egg Sugar Cookies 
※ No-Bake Pistachio-White Chocolate Cookies
※ Bunny Hug Cookies 
※ Spritz Daisy Cookies 
※ Easter Nest Sugar Cookies
※ Cookie Chicks
※ Mixed Berry Pie Bars
※ Banana Pudding Cookies 
※ Sugar Cookie Bunnies and Lambs 
※ Bunny Paw Thumbprint Cookies 
※ Almond Cake with Ombré Egg and Bunny Cookies 
※ Honey Vanilla Linzer Cookies
※ Sicilian Easter Cookies with Eggs 
※ Greek Easter Cookies 
※ Malted Milk Speckled Egg Cookies 
※ Daisy Cake
※ Classic Snickerdoodle Cookies 
※ Slow-Cooker Easter Egg Cookie
※ Flower Sugar Cookie
※ Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies
※ Mini “Black and White” Cookies
※ White Chocolate Fruitcake Bars
※ Easter Trash Cookies 
※ Easter Cheesecake Macarons
※ Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies
※ Raspberry-Lemon Thumbprint Cookies
※ No-Bake Butterscotch-Coconut Cookies 
※ Lemon Butter Cookies
※ Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies
※ Meringue Cookies
※ Creamsicle Macaroons 
※ Nutter Butter Chicks 
※ Egg-cellent Sugar Cookies
※ Greek Vanilla & Chocolate Easter Butter Cookies
※ Giant Easter Egg Cookie

1. Bunny Sugar Cookies 

Easter celebrations won’t be complete without bunnies, and this festive bunny sugar cookie is the perfect treat to kick off the fun-filled Easter holiday.   

Recipe here at Countryliving: 

2. Cookie Dough Pops 
These pretty Cookie Dough Pops are not only fun to make, but they’ll also give a tasty surprise inside – cookie dough that’s edible and melts in your mouth. 

Recipe here at Womansday :  

3. 3-Ingredient Hazelnut Cookies 

Technically, this is a 4-ingredient recipe, if you count the salt, but you’re definitely going to love making these easy and scrumptious Hazelnut Cookies that everyone’s going to want more of. 

Recipe here at Epicurious :

4. Carrot Cake Cookies

What could be better than a cake and cookie mashup? Absolutely nothing, especially when you nibble on this carrot-flavored goodness, which you can make any time of year.   

Recipe here at Delish: 

5. Easy Vanilla Sugar Cookies 

Bring in the whole gang with this Easy Vanilla Sugar Cookies recipe that lets you add in a pig, a sheep, and a chick alongside a bunny, which you can form with Easter cookie cutters.  

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping: 

6. Soft and Chewy M&Ms Cookies 

The recipe name itself gives you all the clues on just how decadently delicious this goodie is, loaded with M&Ms chocolates on velvety, buttery cookie dough.     

Recipe here at Averiecooks: 

7. Lemon Curd Egg Cookies

Let your Easter dessert tray look egg-extravagant with this unique Lemon Curd Egg Cookies that lets you enjoy a lemon-infused cookie topped off with vanilla-flavored buttercream. 

Recipe here at Womansday: 

8. Pistachio-Rose Shortbread Squares

Rose tea, raspberries, and pistachio make for an exquisite and interesting combination with this unique Easter cookie recipe that could be your new favorite thing this season. 

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

9. Best-Ever Macaroons

With its crunchy texture and luscious flavor, macaroons technically are part of the cookie crew, and this Best-Ever Macaroons recipe is so simply good and, not to mention, gluten-free, too!
Recipe here at Delish: 

10. Easter Egg Cookies

This fuss-free Easter Egg Cookies recipe will make any cookie jar look even prettier with its varied pastel colors. These are also great to enjoy for any occasion like Mother’s Day, and gender reveal parties.   

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping: 

11. Egg Sprinkle Cookies

Here’s another take on egg-themed treats, the egg sprinkle cookies that make for adorable Easter sugar cookies with eye-popping frosting and decoration. 

Recipe here at Sprinklebakes: 

12. Bunny Cookies 

Hop off to some Easter fun with this dainty and delightful bunny cookie, a perfect combination of Easter sugar cookies and silky-smooth royal icing. Decorate with sprinkles to add a classy touch. 

Recipe here at Womansday: 

13. Carnation Lemon Bars

Nothing tickles the tastebuds more than the tarty bite of lemon mixed with the sweetness of condensed milk. These Carnation Lemon Bars can be a year-round treat you’ll always enjoy having.  

Recipe here at Epicurious : 

14. Butter Cookies

They may look utterly simple and bare, but this Butter Cookies recipe brings out all the punches in a bite-sized treat. You won’t get over how good these cookies are. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

15. Spring Garden Cookies

This creative Easter cookie recipe brings out the joy and color of the festive season, especially if you arrange them in a stack for guests to enjoy at your next Easter picnic. 

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping:  

16. Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies 

Kids will rush to the kitchen and want to help you bake these colorful and chewy Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies that are adorably perfect as Easter party giveaways. 

Recipe here at Mykitchencraze: 

17. Easter Egg Cookie

This giant-sized Easter egg, with all its pretty details and adornments, not to mention a luscious buttercream filling, will make the perfect, eye-catching centerpiece at your next Easter-themed gathering. 

Recipe here at Womansday: 

18. Black Bottom Brownie Cookies 

It’s okay to ditch the pastel colors on this one as this one of a kind Easter cookie recipe melds together all your favorites into one treat – brownies, cookie dough, and cream cheese. 

Recipe here at Epicurious:  

19.Perfect Hamantaschen 

While not necessarily baked for Easter, this Jewish-originating baked delight that envelopes apricot or strawberry jam into shortbread scoops has become a crowd favorite during the festive holiday. 

Recipe here at Delish:  

20. Egg Puzzle Cookie

Your inner artist will spring to life when you’re making this awe-inspiring Egg Puzzle Cookie that will be so fun to color and decorate even the kids will want to pitch in.   

Recipe here at Landolakes : 

21. Candy Cottontail Bunny Cookies 

Here’s an exciting activity to do with the kids this Easter – making this easy cookie recipe that brings out all the giggles and fun with the aid of marshmallows, pink M&Ms, and candy-coated sunflower seeds.    

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping: 

22. Pecan Crescent Cookies 

For a nutty-flavored goodie, these Pecan Crescent Cookies will be what your palate will be looking for, especially with the added layer of confectioners sugar topping. 

Recipe here at Womansday : 

23. All-in-One Sugar Cookie Dough

This timeless sugar cookie recipe will transcend any holiday. That’s why it’s also suitable for Easter, but just make sure to play around with the cookie frosting and décor with more Easter-themed details. 

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

24. Cookie Dough Easter Eggs

Wow, your family and friends when they sink their teeth into this packed goodness of cookie dough and melted white chocolate, topped off with pretty sprinkles and icing swishes.   

Recipe here at Delish: 

25. Sunny Side Up Meringues 

Here’s something for an egg-stra special Easter egg-based cookie, the Sunny Side Up Meringues recipe that pairs vanilla meringues with tarty lemon curd in the middle.   

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping:  

26. Italian Easter Cookies/Uncinetti

You’ll quip out, “Bravissimo!” when you’re snacking on these old fashioned Italian Easter cookies that are made with buttery dough glazed with tangy lemon and colorful sprinkles.  

Recipe here at Anitalianinmykitchen: 

27. Marbled Egg Sugar Cookies 

Use your Easter egg cookie cutter to mold out the perfect egg shapes and finish it off with beautiful and dazzling strokes to give off the shiny, marbly effect on these Marbled Egg Sugar Cookies. 

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping: 

28. No-Bake Pistachio-White Chocolate Cookies

If you’re in a rush this holiday, this No-Bake Pistachio-White Chocolate Cookies will do the trick with its easy-to-make feature of using quick-cooking oats as its cookie base. 
Recipe here at Epicurious:  

29. Bunny Hug Cookies 

This ingenious Easter cookie recipe makes use of a gingerbread cookie cutter to form out the bunnies. The Cadbury Mini Eggs give out the perfect finishing touch to this recipe, too. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

30. Spritz Daisy Cookies 

Showcase the blossoms of spring with the Spritz Daisy Cookies. If you have a garden variety of flower-themed cookie cutters, make more than just daisies and paint in more colors to your cookies. 

Recipe here at Womansday:  

31. Easter Nest Sugar Cookies

If you’re looking to serve egg-themed cookies beyond the usual design, this Easter sugar cookie recipe is perfect for you. Just look at this enchanting and creative décor that everybody will adore. 

Recipe here at Seededatthetable: 
32. Cookie Chicks

You’ll want to chirp with joy when you see how utterly cute these Cookie Chicks are inside your cookie jar. The kids will want to pitch in and help you decorate each one. 

Recipe here at Womansday:   

33. Mixed Berry Pie Bars

This standout recipe combines two of everybody’s favorite goodies – pies and cookies. With tarty blueberry filling and a buttery pie crust texture, this might just be the dessert champion. 

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

34. Banana Pudding Cookies 

Here’s a fantastic cookie recipe you don’t have to wait for Easter to enjoy – Banana Pudding Cookies. It takes less than an hour to make, and you’ll love its light, banana, and cream flavors. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

35. Sugar Cookie Bunnies and Lambs 

Take out your Easter cookie cutters. It’s time to make some darling Sugar Cookie Bunnies and Lambs. Transform basic cookie dough into the daintiest treats that even adults will love. 

Recipe here at Womansday: 

36. Bunny Paw Thumbprint Cookies 

Make your mark with these cute Bunny Paw Thumbprint Cookies that are so fun and easy to make, especially if you got little hands helping you out in the kitchen. 

Recipe here at Thebearfootbaker: 

37. Almond Cake with Ombré Egg and Bunny Cookies 

We included this in the list because you can easily make the Ombré Egg and Bunny Cookies as a standalone recipe for Easter. Although the Almond Cake sounds like a delicious idea, too. 

Recipe here at Womansday: 

38. Honey Vanilla Linzer Cookies

Feast on these refreshing Honey Vanilla Linzer Cookies that will adorn your Easter cookie jar with a different flavor and texture than most other sugar cookies. 

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

39. Sicilian Easter Cookies with Eggs 

You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy this old fashioned Italian Easter cookie that’s traditionally gifted to family and friends on Easter. You’ll love the simple yet sumptuous flavors bursting out of this one. 

Recipe here at Mangiabedda: 

40. Greek Easter Cookies 

Greek Easter cookies are also a delectable option, especially with the Koulourakia, which is a crunchy and fluffy baked goodie that’s not so hard to make and so easy to devour. 

Recipe here at Mygreekdish: 

41. Malted Milk Speckled Egg Cookies 

Time for another eggs-xuisite Easter egg-themed cookies to make, the Malted Milk Speckled Egg Cookies that features an interesting way to paint and decorate the chocolate chip cookie dough eggs. 

Recipe here at Ericasweettooth: 

42. Daisy Cake

The name might imply a cake, but this goodie is actually a floral assortment of daisy petal cookies formed into a giant daisy for full effect. This zestful delight is perfect for springtime gatherings. 

Recipe here at Womansday:  

43. Classic Snickerdoodle Cookies 

Bring back fun memories of childhood with this timeless Classic Snickerdoodle Cookies recipe that makes cream of tartar outshine any other flavors.

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

44. Slow-Cooker Easter Egg Cookie

Even without an oven, you can still make mouth-watering Easter pickings with this brilliant Slow-Cooker Easter Egg Cookie recipe that’s massive enough for a large crowd to enjoy. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

45. Flower Sugar Cookie

Suppose you don’t have a custom cookie cutter for this, no worries. All you’ll need is a knife to add in-depth and details to enjoy a charming cookie for the blooming season of Spring.    

Recipe here at Marthastewart: 

46. Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies

Savor the fudgy consistency of these Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies that excellently complements the cookie’s thick and chewy textures with its crunchy Cadbury Egg toppings.   

Recipe here at Tastesbetterfromscratch:  

47. Mini “Black and White” Cookies

The original black-and-white cookies have always been everyone’s favorite growing up, so it’s only fitting to do a pastel-themed variation in honor of the bright, festive moods of Easter.   

Recipe here at Womansday: 

48. White Chocolate Fruitcake Bars

While most people relate fruitcake to Christmas, it’s also a good idea for Easter, too, especially with these decadent and pleasant-looking White Chocolate Fruitcake Bars. 

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

49. Easter Trash Cookies 

“Trash” might be the furthest thing on your mind when it comes to the holiday, but there’s absolutely nothing garbage about this quirky yet inviting Easter Trash Cookies topped off with lots of little delights. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

50. Easter Cheesecake Macarons

You won’t get over how unbelievably delicious these crispy French macarons are, loaded with an oeuvre of cheesecake-based fillings like strawberry, blueberry, and lemon, topped off with colorful sprinkles. 

Recipe here at Bobsredmill : 

51. Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies

These cheerful-looking hatchlings are made with a lemon cake mix base, the perfect flavoring for such lovable things as Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies, guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Recipe here at Thegoldlininggirl : 

52. Raspberry-Lemon Thumbprint Cookies

You might think it’s an overload of citrusy flavors with this recipe, but the sweetness of raspberry matches well with the tartness of lemon to make this premium Easter cookie recipe. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

53. No-Bake Butterscotch-Coconut Cookies 

Here’s another awesome recipe for those with no ovens or those who are crunching up for the time. Butterscotch and coconut mix perfectly together to result in an any-time-of-year cookie that you’ll love munching on. 

Recipe here at Epicurious: 

54. Lemon Butter Cookies

A lemon-flavored dough makes for great Easter cookies because of its light, refreshing taste, and these Lemon Butter Cookies take it up a notch with its added buttery flavor. 

Recipe here at Delish: 

55. Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

Sink your teeth into this chewy goodness filled with a rich chocolate ganache while topped off with a crunchy Cadbury Egg treat that’s going to give you the best feeling for the Easter season.    

Recipe here at Thesoccermomblog:  

56. Meringue Cookies

There’s just something so magical about delighting yourself with these Meringue Cookies that are the best sugary treats you can ever enjoy in this festive Easter season. 

Recipe here at Delish:  

57. Creamsicle Macaroons 

They may taste like the orange-flavored popsicle everybody loves, but these Creamsicle Macaroons take the iced pop to a whole new level with its flaky texture thanks to the desiccated coconut. 

Recipe here at epicurious:  

58. Nutter Butter Chicks 

We can’t complete a Best Easter Cookies listicle without calling out this Nutter Butter Chicks recipe that uses an uncommon cookie dough base – peanut butter. But trust us, they taste totally delicious. 

Recipe here at Delish:  

59. Egg-cellent Sugar Cookies

Bring back your fond memories of Easter egg hunting growing up with these adorable Egg-cellent Sugar Cookies that make use of simple ingredients but comes out with the tastiest treats ever. 

Recipe here at Goodhousekeeping:

60. Greek Vanilla & Chocolate Easter Butter Cookies

This variation of the inimitable Koulourakia, the Greek Easter Butter Cookies, is jazzed up with tons of chocolate, alongside the base ingredients of vanilla, citrus, and cream. 

Recipe here at Dimitrasdishes:  

61. Giant Easter Egg Cookie

If you’re feeding a large party, then why not make one massively-decorated cookie for everyone to dig in and enjoy together? And there’s no better way to do it than this Giant Easter Egg Cookie. 

Reci pe here at Delish: 

You might not bake every single recipe here for the season, but know that the beauty of Easter cookies is that you can make them any time of the year. For the Easter holiday, though, we highly recommend our favorites:

· Cookie Dough Pops (#2)
· Spring Garden Cookies (#15)
· Italian Easter Cookies/Uncinetti (#26)
· Sugar Cookies Bunnies & Lambs (#35)
· White Chocolate Fruitcake Bars (#48)

All these Easter cookie recipes are good enough to try, so go right ahead and make as much as you can. Make sure you also share these recipes with the people you love having a feast with.